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What we do

Our mission is to encourage  transnational cooperation and public and private partnerships in Europe. We promote  transnational projects for  companies, local administration and non-profit organizations that wish to internationalize their activities and take advantage of the opportunities that exist at European and International level. We have successfully participated in the last years in a large number of EU funded projects and  we have established a network of partners that includes organizations  from almost all European countries.

Our main activities include: the assistance in the development of proposals and management of projects funded by European union programs; the supply of information, political intelligence and early warning, analysis and advice on all matters related to European policies and programs; the organization of  conferences, seminars, training session, workshop, courses on European projects developments or on special topics linked to European affairs or internationalization;  the organization of placements in companies and expert study visits in all professional sectors, in the frame of mobility projects supported by European programs.