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2017 European Semester: Autumn Package

16 November 2016. The European Commission presented the Autumn Package that sets out the economic and social priorities for the EU, the euro area and the Member States' levels. It marks the start of the European Semester 2017 and will be discussed with the other EU institutions and stakeholders to set the scene for the coming year. Once agreed, this guidance should be reflected in the Member States' policies, in their national programmes to be presented next spring.

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8 new initiatives under the EU's Partnership Instrument

15 November 2016. The European Commission has approved eight new projects totalling more than €32 million under the Partnership Instrument (PI) to boost cooperation with partner countries in priority areas.

These actions will support the European Union's strategic objectives in external relations through enhancing partnerships with third countries worldwide on issues of significance such as climate change, sustainability, the international digital agenda and civil aviation.

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A New Europass: helping people make their skills and qualifications more visible

4 October 2016. The European Commission has adopted a proposal to revise the Europass Decision. Europass is a suite of tools and services which support the transparency of skills and qualifications across the European Union. With this revision, the Commission aims to simplify and modernise these tools for the digital age and to add a new feature using big data to map and anticipate labour market trends and skills needs.

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The EU in the world: a statistical portrait

2 September 2016. Population, living conditions, health, education & training, labour market, economy & finance, trade, industry & services, research & communication, transport, agriculture, environment and energy: the 2016 edition of the Eurostat publication “The EU in the world” compares the European Union (EU) with the 15 non-EU G-20 countries across thirteen statistical fields using a range of European and international statistics.

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We All Share the Same Dreams

05 August 2016. To tackle discrimination against Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex (LGBTI) people in the EU, the European Commission has put forward a  'List of actions to advance LGBTI equality' and  a communication campaign to improve the social acceptance of LGBTI people

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Campaign “We All Share the Same Dreams”