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Education and Training

In the specific field of education and training  we organize  conferences, seminars, training session, workshop, courses on European projects developments or on special topics linked to European affairs and policies  and  internship and expert study visits in Italy in all professional sectors.

We have a long experience in the participation in the European Commission’s programmes  for Youth, Education and Training.  Only with reference to the programmes Leonardo da Vinci, Erasmus and Erasmus+  we have successfully  participated as host and intermediary partner organization in more than 85  approved mobility projects  and we have organised training programmes in Italy for groups (students, teachers, professional experts) coming from the following countries: Spain, Portugal, Greece, Romania, Latvia, Malta, Poland, Turkey, Bulgaria. 

We have also worked as sending organisation and we have cooperate in the management of mobility projects in the frame of which more than  one thousands  and three hundred Italian students and young workers had training experiences and work placements in almost all European countries. 

Internship, workplacements in Italy

CO.EUR. offers a wide variety of work experience placements  and  vocational training in Italy  for students and young workers in almost all professional sector.

Usually we organize the internship and work experience placements in the town of Ascoli Piceno, that  is  a beautiful Italian provincial town ideally located midway between the sea,  rolling hills and mountains.  Ascoli Piceno had its golden age during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance and it has preserved many artistic expressions of various historical periods. We can assure there high quality services  with competitive prices. In the frame of the mobility actions of the EU Lifelong Learning Programmes Leonardo da Vinci, Erasmus and Erasmus+, we  have already organised in the last years in Ascoli Piceno works placements, for more than 1.200  students and young workers coming from 9 different European countries. In Ascoli Piceno and nearby area we can organise  the  work placements in more than 60 public (like the Municipality of Ascoli Piceno) and private companies, that cover all the main professional sectors, and where the participants can have a qualified  working experience. In addition to finding  the suitable companies for the working  or training experience,  we can offers to the participants a wide range of services that includes:

- The organization of Italian language courses. 

- The finding of the accommodations (that could match the available budget). Lodgings in the project where the length of placements are from one to three months or  upper are usually offered in private apartments located in the central area meanwhile for shorter stay we have convention with good standard hotel.

- The monitoring  and support  the participants  during the period of the training in Italy.

- The evaluation of the working progress and satisfaction of  the participants  with reference to the working environment and task fulfilled .

- The taking of  the appropriate actions necessary for the correct implementation of the training  programme and the fulfillment of  the objectives of the projects.

- The evaluation, transfer and disseminate the achieved results.

- The certification.

- The cooperation  at all times with the participants sending organization.

 Usually we organize the work placements in companies in the town of Ascoli Piceno meanwhile we can organize short period (one or two weeks) vocational  training programme also in Rome or other Italian towns (according the subject of the programme and available budget).

Almost all the past participants to which we organised a work placements in company or other vocational training programme  made  a positive evaluation of experience made in terms of professional development, skills acquired and human and cultural growth.

Study visits, seminars in Italy

We organize study visits in Italy and  seminars aimed to facilitate the transfer of knowledge, experience and good practices in all the professional sectors.

We have a long experience in the participation to the Leonardo da Vinci and Erasmus+ actions  for the  mobility of professionals in vocational education and training and  human resources and we have organized a large number of programmes  in Italy for teachers, officials, entrepreneurs, technicians and other professionals from different European countries.

Usually we organize the  visits and seminars in the towns of  Rome, Milan, Ascoli Piceno, Florence, Naples, or even in other towns according to the theme of the project and available budget