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About us


CO.EUR. European Consulting and Training Association   is an Italian not for  profit association established in 1995 with the aim to: encourage the participation of the citizens in the process of the European integration; encourage the processes of innovation, development and internationalization of enterprises, schools, non-profit organizations and public bodies;  stimulate transnational cooperation and public and private partnership in Europe; encourage the innovation and quality in  training and education.  CO.EUR. is present in different Italian regions and runs transnational projects in co-operation with different organisations all around Europe.

CO.EUR.  ha successfully participated in the last years in a large number of EU funded projects and it is proud of the collaborative work undertaken with over 50  partners across Europe.

We are always interested in establish relations of cooperation so please contact us if you  think we can be suitable for your projects or just for a first talking.

Advices and analysis in the field of European policies and programs

We provide:

Independent analysis, research, advice, political intelligence, early warning in the field of European Affairs. COEUR has developed significant expertise on some vertical policy areas, such as education and training, culture, youth, social policy, development.

Up-to-date information on European Affairs, European Directives and Regulations, EC funding programmes.

Up-to- date information on available  EU funding programme and applications procedures. Advises in preparation, development of  the project proposal.

Help in partner search. Counselling and assistance on project management, budget management, achieving results, monitoring and control, reporting.

Education and Training

In the specific field of education and training  we organize  conferences, seminars, training session, workshop, courses on European projects developments or on special topics linked to European affairs and policies  and  internship and expert study visits in Italy in all professional sectors.

We have a long experience in the participation in the European Commission’s programmes  for Youth, Education and Training.  Only with reference to the programmes Leonardo da Vinci,  Erasmus and  Erasmus+, we have successfully  participated as host and intermediary partner organization in more than 85  approved mobility projects and we have organised training programmes in Italy for groups (students, teachers, professional experts) coming from the following countries: Spain, Portugal, Greece, Romania, Latvia, Malta, Poland, Turkey, Bulgaria. 

We have also worked as sending organisation and we have cooperate in the management of mobility projects in the frame of which more than  one thousands  and three hundred Italian students and young workers had training experiences and work placements in almost all European countries.